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Act 546 of the Arkansas State Legislature 84th General Assembly requires that organ and tissue donor education now be taught in public Arkansas high school health or driver education classes. 

ARORA encourages all Arkansas high school driver's education and health class teachers to contact the ARORA at edu@arora.org to arrange for an ARORA representative to come to their classes to make a donor education presentation. ARORA can also arrange for a donor family member or transplant recipient to come to the classroom to speak about their personal experiences with organ and tissue donation.

By inviting an ARORA representative to speak to your class, as a teacher you can be assured that the information provided to your students is accurate. Also, the ARORA representative can answer any questions students might have about organ and tissue donation or registration.

College, MASH/CHAMPS, and student organizations may contact ARORA at edu@arora.org to assist with school and campus events, such as campus donor registration drives, health fairs and classroom presentations.

We have also created a set of exercises that you may freely download and provide to students. These exercises are especially effective when administered to students in conjunction with a presentation to the class made by ARORA staff and volunteers. Teachers can request the answer sheets to the exercises by emailing edu@arora.org

All request for presentations need to include:
               * Name of your school
               * Subject you teach 
               * Grade you teach 
               * Contact phone number

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