Dear Prospective Volunteer,

ARORA’s mission is to restore lives through the recovery of organs and tissues.
Thank you for your interest in helping us to achieve this mission through volunteering!  Volunteers provide a unique perspective to the community and are vital in helping us to educate the public about the benefits of organ and tissue donation. 

The following requirements must be filled prior to representing ARORA as a volunteer:

·        Volunteer application
·        criminal background check
·        reference check
·        volunteer orientation

Once we have received your application and release to perform a criminal background check, your information will be reviewed, and you will be scheduled for a volunteer orientation.  The volunteer orientation provides an opportunity to learn about organ and tissue donation, be presented information about ARORA’s mission and history, to develop and share your story of how organ and tissue donation has impacted your life, and to ask any questions you may have about the donation process or volunteering with ARORA.
For questions regarding the volunteer application process, please contact me at 501-907-9138 or

We look forward to welcoming your to our volunteer program. 


Beth Cameron
Manager of Family Services Aftercare